Upswung Manual & Automatic Barrier Gates

Stainless Steel Bollards

SPECIAL PRICING while supplies last for Upswung FI-114 and FI-168  In Ground Bollard

UPS FI 114/900SS  Fixed Inground Bollard 4.5″ DIA X 35″ high, Stainless Steel w reflective tape no LED lighting 45 lbs  Wall thickness 1/8” Polished surface treatment.

UPS FI 168/900SS Fixed inground Bollard    6.6″ DIA X 35″ High, Stainless Steel w reflective tape No led lighting 57 lbs Wall thickness 7/32” Polished surface treatment.

These Fixed In-Ground traffic bollards are suitable for permanently blocking access to traffic while maintaining a sleek architectural design with no electrical power requirement.   For added flexibility you may include strategically placed matching removable bollards for those times when traffic access is desirable.

Some benefits to consider:
1) Stainless steel is less resistant to rust than carbon steel and graffiti allows easier removal with paint removers.
2) Installation requires only minor excavation and concrete.

Removable Bollard
UPS R168/900SS Removable Bollard
 6.6″ Dia X 35″ high, stainless steel w reflective tape 81 lbs

Retractable Bollard
UPS MR 114/900SS Manually Retractable Bollard    4.5″ DIA X 35″ High Stainless Steel w reflective tape. No LED light 83 lbs