Upswung Manual & Automatic Barrier Arm Gates

These graphs 1 and 2 are an arm length vs. wind speed summary on the wind load capabilities as calculated by an independent engineering firm.  The arm calculations are based on no attachments to the arm such as signage or anything that would create wind turbulence and cause flagging of the arm.

The semi-automatic barrier gate arm is held in place in the up and/or down position by a 1200lbs break force magnet. The wind load graph 2 shows the capability of the magnet to hold the arm in place under different wind load and arm length combinations.

Graph #1: Arm length vs. wind speed. Red marker indicates 14ft @ 130mph to meet a customer wind load requirement for installation in a hurricane region.

Graph #2: Arm length vs. magnetic lock force holding ability on semi-automatic release barrier gates. This graph is used for semi-automatic barrier gates that use 1200l lbs break force magnetic locks to hold barrier gate arm in place.

wind speed vs arm length graph
wind speed vs arm length graph