Upswung Manual & Automatic Barrier Arm Gates

MB832 Manual Barrier Gate Arm Operator

Manual Barrier with cradle or tip support- custom arm lengths to 32 feet

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Top 4 Questions:
When do you need an arm support?  
Boom Tip Support or Bolt Down Cradle is needed for arms over 18 ft long.
What length arm should I order for a 18 ft plus barrier gate that requires a fixed cradle?
When figuring your arm length, measure the “dirt to dirt ” distance from edge of asphalt of the roadway or back of curb(s) and add 1.5 ft or 18 inches to that dimension for the total arm length to order, but if using a tip support arm length isn’t critical.
How is the arm distance measured?
The arm length measurement starts even with the arm side of the base plate edge that runs parallel to and is closest to the street.
Can the barrier gate arm be locked?
The arm can be locked in up or down position with a simple medium size padlock.


mb832 manual barrier gate
MB832 32 foot arm operation instruction video

General Information

Manual Barrier Gate Base:                                                                  
The MB832 is available in sizes from 8 to 32 ft. The arm is completely self-supporting up to 18 ft and a cradle or tip support is required over 18 ft. The Barrier base construction is made out of heavy structural steel with a heavy base plate that can be bolted to concrete or any solid base. The MB832 can also be bolted to a movable concrete or heavy steel base to allow it to be portable. The base unit is finished with orange power coating.
Multiple steel counterweights of two different sizes are used to counterbalance the arm for easy operation, but it is recommended that barrier gates used many times a day be limited to a 24 ft arm length for continuous operator ease of use.
The pivot assembly requires no maintenance and is constructed of stainless steel hardware and high density plastic bushings.

Manual Barrier Gate Arm:
The arm can be locked in up or down position with a simple padlock.
The steel counterweights can be easily field adjusted to make the aluminum arm default to the up or down positions. Also the counterweight adjustment can control how fast or slow the aluminum arm rises or falls.
The aluminum barrier arm is heavy extruded aluminum with a white powder-coating, it comes supplied with DOT reflective tape as pictured. The arm allen bolts and washers are also stainless steel.

mb832 manual barrier details
mb832  counterweights
MB832 operation instruction video 32ft arm


  • Round Aluminum powder coated arm 3″ O.D. ; 8 to 32 ft length pre-cut and balanced at the factory
  • High quality DOT reflective tape included
  • Frame is heavy steel construction- 5/8″ Base Plates and thick tubular construction using structural hot-rolled steel.
  • Plastic signage available (stop, do not enter, etc)
  • Three sizes of steel counterbalance plates for balancing arms up to 32 ft in length
  • Arm can be locked by padlock in the up or down positions for added security and safety.
  • All parts are powder coated orange for durability.
  • Pivot assembly is made of durable maintenance free plastic bushings and bolt assembly
  • Tip support cradle (MB cradle) is suggested for arm lengths over 18 ft
  • Orange powder coating standard on all other components
  • Self-supporting round Aluminum barrier arms
  • Stainless Steel and Galvanized Hardware for long life.
  • MB Drop-down Tip Support for areas where the MB cradle cannot be used.
  • Barrier arm catcher/ Cradle is optional for shorter arms for added support

Base plate: 16″ X 10.5″; height of arm above pavement 35″; overall height 37″; width of frame 10″ X 10″; base- 4 holes 5/8″ dia.; length of counterweight arm from pivot 32.5″ Maximum.

Shipping Wt.  182 to 502lbs depending on arm length.

mb832 barrier gate arm up
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