Upswung Manual & Automatic Barrier Gates

MB832 manual barrier gate

We specialize in the sales and manufacture of manual hand operated and automatic barrier arm gate operators.

The automatic barrier arm gate manufacturers we distribute for have excellent service reputations and factory support. We offer product experience and licensed contractor advice in product selection and electrical/ site preparation along with direct factory support to work directly with your contractor or company personnel.
The Upswung MB832 manual barrier gate arms range from 8 to 32 ft long, constructed in heavy extruded aluminum tube. This aluminum tube specification allow arm lengths up to 32 feet and the ability to withstand high wind loads in shorter lengths as detailed in the engineered wind load graphs link on this page. 

The round profile of the MB832 arm boom eliminates flagging of the arm in high winds reducing possible aluminum metal fatigue. The MB832 base is constructed in thick wall structural steel tube welded to a heavy 4- bolt steel base. The swing arm pivot assembly uses composite bushings with a through bolt pivot assembly that requires no lubrication. The swing arm is constructed in structural steel with a strong clamping system to control long aluminum barrier gate arms. Stainless steel allen-socket bolts secure the barrier arm to the steel swing arm. The counter balance weights are adjustable for fine tuning the balance of the arm. Adjusting position of the counter balance weights control the speed and direction (up or down) of the barrier boom arm motion.

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boom arm test

Our MB832 Aluminum Barrier Boom Arms are built to last, with up to 32 ft long lengths without additional cables or braces. A full size RV tire with over 2000 lbs of concentrated down force causes no damage or bending to our arm. Our test MB832 unit with a 32 foot high arm gate in the Sierra Nevada mountain range withstood wind gusts over 100 mph Winter of 2016-17
See Engineered wind Load Graphs

barrier arm gate wind test
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MB832 hand operated gate

MB832 Manual Barrier Arm Gate

MB832 32 ft manual barrier gate demonstration

Upswung MB832 Manual Hand Operated Barrier Gate

The Manual Boom Barrier Gate MB832 is designed for outdoor use when a heavy duty dependable maintenance free solution is required. It can be use for guards to control traffic at an entry point or it can be used occasionally for blocking of roadways and parking lots up to 32 ft in length. Two MB832s can be used at opposite sides of the roadway to cover a maximum of 64 ft. If the arm is damaged it can be easily replaced without special tools.
All MB832s are fully assembled at our factory and balanced for the arm used. All that is required is the bolting in of the arm at the jobsite.

MB832 semi-automatic operated boom barrier arm gate

MB832 Semi-Automatic Barrier Arm Gate

Upswung MB32SA Semi- Automatic Magnetic Release Barrier Gate 

The MB832SA semi- automatic barrier arm gate is designed for The new system uses a magnetic lock fail-safe* controlled remotely to release barrier arm from its locked position to allow it to travel up or down automatically to its released position. Also this unit can be ordered with an electrical mechanical lock fail secure** to release barrier arm from its locked position to allow it to travel up or down automatically to its released positon. Once the barrier gate is remotely actuated it is returned to the locked position by hand. The MB832SA boom arm can be additionally locked in the released position for added security.
*Fail-safe arm unlocks during power failure  ** Fail-secure arm stays locked during power failure.

pneumatic operated boom barrier gate

MB832PA Pneumatic Barrier Arm Gate

MB832 Pneumatic barrier gate demonstration

Upswung MB832PA Pneumatically Operated Barrier Gate

The MB832PA is a Pneumatic single cylinder fully automatic barrier gate which requires only one or two air lines for up and down operation.
The simple pneumatic operation allows for use in explosion sensitive locations with no electrical connection necessary and requires very little maintenance due to the reliability of pneumatic operation. The barrier boom arm rise and fall speeds are fully adjustable with small needle air valves. This type of pneumatic barrier gate can be installed in a day anywhere a small air supply source is available.

Upswung Top Manufacturers Automatic Barrier Gates

Barrier gate operator manufacturers offer a variety of options for different installations. Generally barrier gates arm lengths range from 10 to 36 ft. Arm lengths belong 36 ft are generally low production units and prohibitively expensive. Barrier gates that receive low cycles/ day and have arms less than 16 ft can use use a less expensive gearbox mechanism driven unit, but long arm and/ or high use operators best fitted with hydraulically driven mechanism which is less affected by high or low temperatures in cold climates. It is important to purchase any gate operator with an ETL or UL listing and have it installed by a licensed installer to avoid future liability.

BTSW manual barrier gates

BTSW Light Duty Barrier Arm Gates

Upswung Light Duty Spring Counter balanced Barrier Gates 

Not as heavily constructed as the Upswung MB832 series these units are great for light duty applications in parking garages, loading docks or other traffic control uses in protected areas. The BTSW818 and BTSW612 are shipped with a arms which can be field cut to size, or we will cut to you specification at the factory before shipping. Units are internally spring-balanced with no counter weight system.

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